The Best Way To Sell A House...Ever

Case Study – Lynn Blatt

Lynn and Ron Blatt needed to sell their parents house in North Santa Ana. The home was vacant and costing them a mortgage payment every month.

They wanted to sell fast but like everyone wanted to get top dollar for the home.

When Lynn knew they needed to sell the home, she expected it was going to take a long time and that they were going to have to take less than what they actually thought it was worth in the end.

She thought the house was worth about $450,000 but was willing to take about $435,000 if it could get sold quickly.

She was referred to Anthony Nitz and his Amazing Open House program and as you’ll hear, was very reluctant just because it doesn’t sound believable but like most people figured that it was worth a shot.

Because there are no long term contracts, there was no risk on her part.  If it worked, then great.  If not then she could freely cancel without any further obligation and hire any other agent she chose.

In the end, when she listed it with Anthony Nitz, he did the open house, had over 200 people show up.  Got 54 offers that day, and sold it for $510,000 to a cash buyer.  That cash buyer also agreed to waive any repairs or termite work which was essentially an additional $10,000 in Lynn’s pocket.

If you’re thinking about selling a home in Southern California, call Anthony First so he can get it sold fast with top dollar.  714-900-2710

Don’t leave money on the table when you sell.

Hear their story:

Here’s a time lapse of the open house on Lynn’s House

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