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Your House SOLD... In Two Weeks... At Your Price... Guaranteed.
It's The Best Way To Sell A Home EVER!  If We Can't Get The Price You Want, You Owe Us Nothing!  Check Out The Time Lapse Videos Below.
Amazing Open House Features:
No long term listing contracts. Get the price you want immediately or hire someone else.
No Signs, No Lockboxes, No Strangers wandering through your house at inconvenient times.
Works for standard equity sales, short sales, probate, divorce or any other type of sale.
Selling your house only takes one open house, not months like the traditional sale.
Why Are So Many Sellers Using Amazing Open House?
It's Unbelievable!  No one sells houses in one day AND get's top dollar...right?  These sellers did and you can too!  We've simply figured out a perfect blend of traditional real estate sales and technology to bring buyers to your house in hoards all begging to buy it today!

It's as fast as you want...
You get to choose exactly which day you want your house sold.  Yes, actually SOLD. It could be two weeks from now or 3 months it doesn't matter. Your home will be sold that day. No more waiting for an offer.

Top Dollar For Your House...
Because of our unique and massive exposure of your home to the buyer pool, everyone wants it and they'll show up and fight over it. This means less repairs and other concessions.  Sell As-Is if you like.

Guaranteed Satisfaction...
Unlike traditional real estate agents who lock you into a long term listing contract and still get paid even if the house sells for less than you like, if we don't get a price you're happy with, you owe us nothing.

Team of Professionals...
With a combined experience of almost a century, our team of experts knows how to get the job done right and skip all the unnecessary noise when it comes to selling a home in today's real estate marketplace.
Using The Amazing Open House These Homes Are
Just Some Of The Many Houses And Condominiums
Sold During One Open House At Or Above The Comparable Values...
Amazing Open House Clients Have A Lot To Say!
Some of the videos below are actual clients sharing their experiences with the Amazing Open House Team and some are really cool time lapse videos of the open houses in progress. Check a few of them out.
Lynn was left with the responsibility of selling her mothers home.

Lynn was told that the home should sell for between $435,000 and $450,000 and might take a few months. 

What happened when the Amazing Open House team was nothing short of $75,000 worth of Amazing.

Time Lapse of Lynn's Open House...
During this one and only open house for Lynn, 225 Targeted Buyers Attended the Open House
54 offers were received that  very day
The house sold for $75,000 more than the seller expected
This Family was left with a very outdated home from their parents who passed away within the previous year

When dealing with the passing of loved one's it's hard enough to go through their things and clear out the house but it's even harder when the house requires so much work to get top dollar.

We sold this house for this mourning family in just one open house and exceeded the comparable sales by $32,000

Rescued from failed attempts from other real estate agents listing this home...

This house was previously listed with another agent for 3 or 4 months and couldn't get it sold.

After holding one of our Amazing Open Houses, we were able to get about 240 people to that open house during a 5 hour period and get 53 of them to commit to making an offer.

Dad needed medical help in another state...

John and Christina in Lake Forest CA were faced with an tough decision to move half way across the country and had to deal with the selling of their condo.

Their biggest concerns was if they would have to give up equity for a quick sale or stay until the home sold, losing precious time with Dad who was ill.

The home was sold during one open house for exactly the comparable value in the midst of a declining market.

Sold one week before Christmas...
We especially like showing this video because it proves that our Amazing Open House works any time of year and even one week before Christmas. Local real estate agents said we were nuts to market a property so close to a major holiday but we sold it above comparable value during just one open house.
That’s Cool… But How Does Amazing Open House Work?
There are a few secrets we keep in our back pocket since we've spent over a decade developing this technique. But be assured that by the time your home is sold, you'll get it and say what everyone else says..."Why doesn't everyone else sell houses this way?"  To make it super simple to understand we use several of the same techniques major corporations use to sell everything from basic needs to high end luxury.  It's marketing 101 revamped.

It took several years but finally we figured out the perfect mix of high leverage technology with good old fashioned real estate marketing.  By blending the two in our proprietary method, we only reach targeted buyers of your home who are ready to buy today!


The less there is of a particular thing, the more people want it. 

There is only ONE of your home and we let targeted buyers know they only have one shot at getting it.  These buyers go out of their way to make sure they see your home.

Attend a traditional open house and there just might be one other couple looking at the home at the same time but not likely.  This creates no urgency. But...when people attend our Amazing Open House and see 15 other groups of people looking at the home as well as 5 more walking up the street, they are motivated to make their best offer to beat out the competition.

Make It An Event
Traditional open houses have been done for decades and are horribly boring. Our Amazing Open House events leave people talking about it for weeks after.  After all we want people to remember YOUR HOUSE even after they left.  Other open houses fail to leave a memorable impression.
Don't Let Your House Sit On The Market And Get Stale

Amazing Open House Days on Market is just 5 Days (Includes Marketing Time)

These are live charts showing up to the minute results for all Orange County Properties.

Average Days on Market (Before An Offer Is Ever Received) for All Orange County Single Family Residence in Last 12 Months - Live Data

Average Days on Market (Before An Offer Is Ever Received) for All Orange County Condominiums in Last 12 Months

Who is behind the Amazing Open House Program
Anthony Nitz has been licensed with the California Bureau of Real Estate #01230064 since 1997 but has worked in the real estate industry most of his adult life.  He loves this business and it shows.

Over the course of 9 years, Anthony started working in Title Insurance, then Escrow, was hired as a marketing director for a nationwide mortgage company and finally went into mortgage sales.  In every single one of those positions Anthony's job was to create marketing material for the sales reps to give to the real estate agents to help grow their business and in return get business from them.

After almost a decade of doing this in the corporate environment, Anthony realized that there were better ways of selling homes, got his license and started selling himself.   Anthony has been involved in 1200+ closings in his career.

Anthony's focus is always first and foremost on meeting the needs of the client and that's one of the reasons why he developed the Amazing Open House program.  Ask him about some time.

Try Amazing Open House On A Day You Choose Risk Free

We are so confident that you will absolutely love Amazing Open House that we are offering a Full Open House, on the day you choose with no long term listing agreements… We take all the risk so you don’t have to…

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Do I have to sign a listing agreement to do a Free Trial Amazing Open House?
In order to put any property in the local MLS we must have a few things in place. 1. A membership with the local real estate board and MLS 2. Affiliation with a broker and 3. A valid listing agreement.  So yes there is a listing agreement but our guarantee puts in writing that you can cancel any time without obligation.  The listing agreement is more of a formality.

What types of properties does this work on?

We've used this program on all kinds of properties and situations:

Standard Equity Sales  -  Luxury Properties  -  Short Sales  -  Probate  -  Divorce  -  Fixer Uppers etc...

What do you mean by Guaranteed?
After doing so many Amazing Open Houses we are so confident that we will get a large number of targeted buyers to your home who are ready to buy that if you don't get the price you're happy with then you send us packing and owe us nothing.  (FYI, it's never happened before)

What if I'm not ready to put the house on the market or just have questions?
That's no problem. We often have people contact us months in advance of putting their home on the market just so they can have priority when they are ready.  If you just have questions, you can still click the orange button below and complete the steps on the next page and one of our team members will be in touch quick.
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